6 Hacks to save money on your rental car

Rental cars can be an important part of trips, especially if you want to skip out the hassles of calling uber and having a driver to have his/her nose in your quality time with friends, family or bae. It allows you to explore a location on your own terms and see everything you want to see…cool no?
Hey, wait, why are your eyes tearing up??

I understand finding a good deal on a rental car can be so challenging…well, what if I get you keys that can unlock your next rental car for the cheapest rates?

If you’re a travel geek like me, gimme a fist bump & continue reading about my own tried and tested ways to skip unnecessary price traps.

1. Blow the magic of coupon codes on your fob

Being a travel geek, I always suggest folks to book online. Not only does it save you a trip but you can actually find great deals online + you have the opportunity to use online promo codes and coupons. I remember saving some 25% on my weekend rental in Wales using these Avis discount codes I otherwise would be paying. So, it is always nice to look for working promo codes and coupons to end up paying cheaper than booking physically.

2. Choose between Pre-Pay and PayLater offers

Some rental car companies like Avis, Thrifty car etc,  offer up to 30% discount on paying in advance. While, most car rental companies give you the option to reserve a car without prepaying, which gives you the opportunity to cancel or change the reservation later if you see a better deal. In such situations,

I always check if the time I am going to hit the road is peak travel time or not. Second thing I see is how much I can save prepaying the bill. If the discount is nice, I close my eyes and pay my money, because I know, future is going to take more money from my pocket. Luckily, I save a great deal of money.

3. Shop around before you lock your car

This one may provide you new experiences but if you want to save money, shop around and find out what company has the cheapest car. There are comparison sites such as Expedia, Orbitz etc that can allow you to shop around for the cheapest deals on your rental car. Moreover, you will find a variety of ways to sort the results, such as by price, vehicle type, or other features, so you can make sure you get everything you’re looking for—too at discount.

4. Join loyalty program

If you don’t want to keep switching from brand to brand…maybe you love sticking to your goto rental car company—I understand! What you should always do is to check if the company offers a loyalty program to its loyal customers, if yes, then go for it and meet nice surprises. And if there is nothing so and you still like the service, you can ask the customer service for a loyalty discount.

5. Never buy insurance

This is some obscured money no one loves paying!! Well, being a little smart, you can skip it from your bill.

    (a)Your Own Auto Insurance Covers You

Depending on the coverage, if your insurance company says Full Auto Insurance Coverage, you will have rental cars included as well. The coverage you have for your main vehicle extends to your rental vehicle, as the policy makes rental cars a replacement for YOUR OWN vehicle. So it’s better to check with your insurance company if you have this comprehensive coverage, if they respond with yes, cheers!!

    (b)You Credit card covers the rest

If your insurance policy fails to cover your rental car, baby you have your credit card to wipe your tears!! Some credit cards cover collision damage waiver (CDW), though it is not technically insurance but works similarly. You get to skip paying for any damage or theft of your rental car until it is in your custody.

6.Take the advantage of group membership

Are you a member of AAA, AARP, Costco, BJ’s, USAA or any other similar groups? If you are, then cheers with joy cus your membership has discounts for you already. Partnering with popular companies like Avis, Hertz, and others, these memberships allows users to get theirs=only discounts on rental cars. Simply check what’s included in your membership and get rewarded.

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