Instagram marketing to increase return on investment immediately

Utilize retargeting ads for users who see ads but do not follow the company.

As Instagram grows in popularity, so does advertising spending. There are many things to consider when running a marketing campaign on Instagram, such as posting stories and feeds. James Shamsi, CEO of Connect Collective, which specializes in social media advertising, described strategies for increasing the return on investment in Instagram marketing.

Even if an influencer introduces a product, not many users follow the company that sells the product. But with current Instagram ads, it’s good for ads! It is now possible to place retargeting ads to users who commented but did not follow. It is expected to increase Instagram followers and increase engagement from influencer marketing and feed ads.

Analyze traffic by setting unique links for each influencer

When doing influencer marketing, try to assign a unique link to each influencer. With unique links, analytics can analyze behaviors such as how much traffic was generated, how long visitors stayed, and whether conversions were reached. For example, you can easily create a unique link by adding the influencer’s names.

Create a custom audience and reach the most effective layers

After setting up a link for each influencer, create a custom audience for the users who clicked on that link. If you place an ad for your custom audience, it will be a highly effective retargeting ad. If a particular influencer is highly effective, it’s a good idea to campaign for a custom audience with similar characteristics.

The above strategies are only part of various Instagram marketing. We do not recommend simply discounting or distributing products for free. At each stage of the sales funnel, you should create the right segments and run detailed campaigns. Everything needs to be measured, optimized, and maximized in value.

These three tips are just a drop in the ocean of opportunities that Instagram marketing offers. Don’t just share free products and discount codes and pretend to be a marketing influencer. Don’t run regular ads that don’t segment all stages of your channel. Track everything, optimize everything, and make the most of every opportunity.

By using such data-driven and value-based strategies, you can immediately increase your return on investment in your current Instagram marketing.

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